Assessment and training of ophthalmic surgical skills using a virtual-reality simulator


Ann Sofia Skou Thomsen, M.D.


Morten la Cour, DMSc., M.D.


Lars Konge, Ph.D., M.D.


Investigating best practice of a virtual-reality simulator in ophthalmology.​


We will review the current literature on the subject (comprising a thorough literature search), investigate validity evidence of a virtual-reality simulation-based assessment, and conduct an observer-masked prospective study on simulation-based training of surgical skills.


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Thomsen AS, Kiilgaard JF, la Cour M, Brydges R, Konge: Simulation-based objective assessment and transfer of skills in vitreoretinal surgery. Manuscript under preparation.


Eye Surgery: Mandatory VR cataract simulation, Invited lecture, Øresund Symposiet/ICOSET 2015

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