Sustainable solutions for paediatric basic life support training in day care centres: A comparative effectiveness trial

Project ​​​manager

Asbjørn Hasselager

Proje​​​ct owner

Doris Østergaard

Project gr​​​oup

  • Asbjørn Hasselager, MD phd student
  • Doris Østergaard, professor
  • Martin Tolsgaard, MD phd
  • Torsten Lauritsen, MD
  • Tim Kristensen, MD
  • Cathrine Bohnstedt, MD
  • Claus Sønderskov, MD

Thesis aim​

The aim of this study is in a randomised control trial to examine if dyad training and E-learning as a learning model is non-inferior to instructor led training regarding acquisition of paediatric basic life support (PBLS) practical skills and self-efficacy in lay persons.

​We want to examine if the dyad training positive effects described in literature can be applied to short training courses in a broader population. Second we want to examine if the learning and retention of PBLS skills is affected by training methods.

In relation to the study results we will perform a cost-effective analysis involving PBLS stakeholders. 


The project involves training of 440 employees​ in day care centres in two municipalities.

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