Training of non-verbal communication in acute clinical teams - What doctors can learn from an orchestral conductor's skill

Project man​​ager

Ture Larsen

​Project ow​​ner

Randi Beier-Holgersen

Project gro​up

Ture Larsen, Randi Beier-Holgersen, Peter Dieckman & Doris Østergaard

Th​esis aim

Aim is to transfer nonverbal competencies and knowledge from the conductor to the leader of the medical team. 


Develop a didactic method that can transfer the conductor's methods and skills to doctors. In the future, this knowledge transfer will thereby ensure doctors to become the new teachers in this field. To investigate whether it is possible to teach residents/medical students a conductor's non-verbal skills working as team leaders.


Team Management - Can music contribute to better understanding? MedEd Publish


ICRE 14 Toronto, 15 Vancouver. ICME, 15 Istanbul. AMEE, 15 Glasgow. APMEC Singapore 16​

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