Employees in Danish day care centres knowledge, anxieties and needs regarding critical illness for children and paediatric basic life support courses

Project ma​​​nager

Asbjørn Hasselager​

Project o​​wner

Doris Østergaard​

Project​​ group

  • Asbjørn Hasselager, MD ph.d. student
  • Doris Østergaard, professor
  • Martin Tolsgaard, MD ph.d.​
  • Torsten Lauritsen, MD
  • Tim Kristensen, MD
  • Cathrine Bohnstedt, MD
  • Claus Sønderskov, MD​


The aim of this study is to explore the knowledge about critically ill children and recognition of those for employees. Furthermore the aim is to gather information regarding their thoughts of specific needs in a resuscitation course and their anxieties towards initiating cardio-pulmonary resuscitation.​


The project is a qualitative study involving 36 participants in group interviews. The project provides knowledge about employees needs in a paediatric basic life support. This knowledge is important in the process of designing learning models for the specific group of learners.​​