Anders Bo Nielsen


​PhD student at CAMES

Specialty: Gastrointestinal Surgery
No. of publications: 3
H-index: 1
Keywords: Learning; Medical Education; Simulation; Gastroenterology; Endoscopy. 



Anders Bo Nielsen focuses on simulation-based training concerning gastrointestinal endoscopy, gastroscopy and small bowel casule endoscopy. 

He aims to continue his research in medical education and simulation by doing his postdoc on the effects of using simulation when learning endoscopic procedures.  

Selected Publications
Savran MM, Nielsen AB, Poulsen BB, Thorsen PB, Konge L. Using virtual-reality simulation to ensure basic competence in hysteroscopySurg Endosc. 2019;33(7):2162-2168.

PhD Supervisors 

       Lars Konge

Responsible editor