Andreas Slot Vilmann

​MD, PhD

​Postdoc at CAMES

Specialty: Surgery
No. of publications: 7
Keywords: Endoscopy; Surgery; Medical Education; Quality Measurement



Andreas Slot Vilmann focuses on quality assurance of colonoscopy procedure, with a special focus on patients refered on as part of rectal- and colon cancer screening. 

He aims to develop systems that automatically makes quality assessment of an examination possible while also giving feedback in order to both improves the competences of untrained doctors while also ensures specialists' continuous high quality performance. 

Selected Publications

Vilmann AS, Lachenmeier C, Svendsen MBS, Søndergaard B, Park YS, Svendsen LB, Konge L. Using computerized assessment in simulated colonoscopy: a validation study. Endosc Int Open. 2020 Jun;8(6):E783-E791. 

Vilmann AS, Norsk D, Svendsen MBS, Reinhold R, Svendsen LB, Park YS, Konge L. Computerized feedback during colonoscopy training leads to improved performance: a randomized trial. Gastrointest Endosc. 2018 Nov;88(5):869-876. 

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