Anne Marie Rieffestahl

ICU Nurse, MA in Anthropology

Special Consultant & PhD Student at CAMES

Specialty: Anthropology & Medical Education

No. of publications: 3
Keywords: Qualitative research; medical education; doctor-patient-relations; patients’ perspectives; communication.

Publication List



Anne Marie Rieffestahl focuses on the role of patients engagement within undergraduate medical education emphasising on standards of best practices for doctor-patient-relations as part of the work she has done with the 'Patients as Teachers'-program since 2013. 

She aims to establish best practices in simulation-based training to cater to the needs and safety of citizens/patients. The plan is to develop a deeper understanding of social and cultural aspects of health care using qualitative research in medical education.

Selected Publications 

Rieffestahl AM, Risør T, Mogensen HO, Reventlow S, Morcke AM. Ignitions of empathy. Medical students feel touched and shaken by interacting with patients with chronic conditions in communication skills trainingPatient Educ Couns. 2020 Dec 26:S0738-3991(20)30679-0.

Anne Marie Rieffestahl (2014) Super-Healthy Families: Alternative Food Habits and their Social ImplicationsFood, Culture & Society, 17:4, 615-627.

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