Jannie Lysgaard Poulsen


​PhD student af CAMES​ 

Specialty: Anaesthesiology
No. of Publications: 2
H-index: 2
Keywords: Non-technical skills; robotic-assisted surgery
E-mail: jannie.lysgaard.poulsen@regionh.dk



Jannie Lysgaard Poulsen focuses on teamwork in robotic-assisted surgery and how positioning of the surgeon away from the beside, immersed in a console affects teamwork and especially coordination.

Through full-scale simulation studies she aims to explore how coordination in the robotic team changes from daily work to emergency situations. With her research she wishes to contribute to development of research-based team training in robot-assisted surgery.


Selected Publications

Bruun B, Poulsen JL, Møhl P, Spanager L. Is non-stop always better? Examining assumptions behind the concept of flow disruptions in studies of robot-assisted surgery. J Robot Surg. 2021 Jul 20. 

Poulsen JL, Bruun B, Oestergaard D, Spanager LFactors affecting workflow in robot-assisted surgery: a scoping review.​ Surg Endosc. 2022 Dec;36(12):8713-8725

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