Kim Ekelund

​MD, PhD

Associate Professor & Researcher

Specialty: Anaesthesiology
No. of publications: 36
H-index: 17
Keywords: Simulation-based training; Learners' perception; e-learning; self-regulated Learning; Patient Safety

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Kim Ekelund focuses on the learners' perception of simulation and their emotional activation, based on their simulation and clinical experience, allocated roles, and scenario design. He has a great interest in what makes great competent teamwork, and has been involved in developing, and evaluating e-learning as part of the specialty course in obstetric anesthesia. 

His plans for the future includes studying the experienced physicians use of Self Regulated Learning (SRL) in order to transfer what has been learned in compulsory courses in anesthesiology to their dynamic clinical workplace and how specialists in anesthesiology handle the barriers using the SRL as part of their lifelong learning. 

Selected Publications

Sørensen JL, Thellesen L, Strandbygaard J, Svendsen KD, Christensen KB, Johansen M, Langhoff-Roos P, Ekelund K, Ottesen B, Van Der Vleuten C. Development of knowledge tests for multi-disciplinary emergency training: a review and an example. Acta Anaesthesiol Scand. 2015 Jan;59(1):123-33.

Sørensen JL, van der Vleuten C, Rosthøj S, Østergaard D, LeBlanc V, Johansen M, Ekelund K, Starkopf L, Lindschou J, Gluud C, Weikop P, Ottesen B. Simulation-based multiprofessional obstetric anaesthesia training conducted in situ versus off-site leads to similar individual and team outcomes: a randomised educational trial. BMJ Open. 2015 Oct 6;5(10):e008344.

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