Mads Emil Jacobsen


​PhD student at CAMES

Specialty: Orthopaedic Surgery
No. of publications: 2
Keywords: Ortopaedics; Trauma; Surgical Education; Full-immersion Virtual Reality; Assessment.
E-mail: madsemil4@gmail.com


Mads Emil Jacobsen focuses on training and assessment of basic principles of osteosynthesis, i.e., orthopaedic fracture surgery. In collaboration with a VR developer, we are developing a novel full-immersion VR simulator for basic fracture surgery, including a new Delphi-based approach for developing fully automated simulator assessment.

Mads Emil's future plans are to explore validity evidence for the fully automated assessment tool, created by the consensus of international experts from all continents, on the novel VR simulator. Further in the PhD  he aims to translate the simulator assessment tool into a clinical assessment tool and explore transfer of skills from the simulated environment to cadaver surgery.

Selected Publications

Jacobsen ME, Gustafsson A, Jørgensen PG, Park YS, Konge L. Practicing procedural skills is more effective than basic psychomotor training in knee arthroscopy: A randomized study. Orthop J Sport Med. 2021;9(2)

Jacobsen ME, Andersen MJ, Hansen CO, Konge L. Testing basic competency in knee arthroscopy using a virtual reality simulator: exploring validity and reliability. J Bone Joint Surg Am. 2015;97(9):775-781.

PhD Supervisor at CAMES

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