Marlene Dyrløv Madsen

​Master of Philosophy and Communication, PhD

Special Consultant at CAMES​

Specialty: Patient Safety and Patient safety culture. 
No. of Publications: 50
H-index: 11
Keywords: Patient safety; Patient safety culture; First and second victim issues; Mental health for healthcare professionals. 

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Marlene Dyrløv Madsen's research and improvement activities has been on safety critical areas mainly healthcare, patient safety, safety and organisational culture, complex systems theory, resilience, human factors and error management in healthcare to comprehend and outline strategies for adapting to safe workflows. Ethical and moral dilemmas in handling human error in safety critical organisations, including blame-free and just cultures. First and second victim issues and the ethics of apology. Other interests have been on transitional care, interruptions and work pressure. 

Marlene aims to work for implementing a patient safety culture including psychological safety to restore healthcare professional's mental health, including medical students. 

Selected publications

Østergaard D., Madsen M.D., Petersen L.F., Siemsen I.M. (2017) In-Hospital Handovers: A Context-Specific Design Process. In: Aase K., Waring J., Schibevaag L. (eds) Researching Quality in Care Transitions. Palgrave Macmillan, Cham.

Petersen LF, Madsen MD, Østergaard D, Dieckmann P. Using simulation to help healthcare professionals relaying patient information during telephone conversations. Heliyon. 2020 Aug 12;6(8):e04687.

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