Nasseh Hashemi


PhD student at CAMES 

​Specialty: Urology
No. of publications: 8
KeywordsRobot-assisted surgery​; Artificial intelligence; Machine learning.


Nasseh Hashemi focuses on robotic surgery and artificial intelligence. Through machine learning he tries to create algorithms that automatically can segment surgical procedures and assess surgeons. 

His PhD is only the beginning of a long road of research that aims to create automatic assessment software of surgery and surgeons. It will help educate more fine future surgeons. 

Selected Publications

Hashemi N, Valk T, Houlind K, Ejskjaer N. Closed-Loop Glucose Control System for In-Hospital Use: Extended Control Trials​. Diabetes 1 June 2019; 68, Suppl. 1, 1036-P.

Hashemi, N., Houlind, K. C. & Ejskjær, N. Continuous Glucose Monitoring in Hospitalized Patients: A Systematic Meta-analysis and ReviewDiabe​tes. jun. 2019; 68, Suppl. 1, 954-P.​

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