Peter Dieckmann

​PhD, Dipl-Psych

​Senior Scientist at CAMESPeter Dieckmann 01.jpg

Professor of Healthcare Education and Patient Safety, University of Stavanger, Norway.

External Lecturer at the University of Copenhagen. 

Specialty: Psychology
No of publications: 69 journal articles, 40 book chapters. 
H-index: 31
Keywords: Petient safety; Simulation; Experiential learning; Human factors; psychological safety. 

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Peter Dieckmanns research on simulation addresses the theoretical foundations and practice of using simulation to create, recognize and use learning opportunities for simulation learners and faculty members in different context. Peters research with simulation focusses to explore simulation’s possibilities to optimize worksystems. Beyond simulation, Peter investigates issues of the practice of patient safety work, psychological safety, medication safety, and visual research methods. 

Selected publications

Dieckmann P, Torgeirsen K, Qvindesland SA, Thomas L, Bushell V, Langli Ersdal H. The use of simulation to prepare and improve responses to infectious disease outbreaks like COVID-19. Practical tips and resources from Norway, Denmark and the United Kingdom. Adv Simul (Lond). 2020 Apr 16;5:3.

Viggers S, Østergaard D, Dieckmann P. How to include medical students in your healthcare simulation centre workforce. Adv Simul (Lond). 2020 Jan 7;5:1.

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