Peter Hertz


​PhD student at CAMES

Specialty: Gastrointestinal Surgery
No. of publications: 3
Keywords: Gastrointestinal Surgery; Simulation-based training; Robotic-assisted surgery; Assessment.



Peter Hertz focuses on development of simulation-based training in robotic assisted surgery including advanced procedures assessed in a simulation-based environment. 

He is busy with the projects in the thesis. For now his plans are to keep the PhD game plan and not get too distracted by other interesting studies. 

Selected Publications

Rasmussen KMB, Hertz P, Laursen CB, et al. Ensuring Basic Competence in ThoracentesisRespiration. 2019;97(5):463-471.

Hertz P, Jensen K, Abudaff SN, et al. Ensuring basic competency in chest tube insertion using a simulated scenario: an international validation study. BMJ Open Respir Res. 2018;5(1):e000362. Published 2018 Dec 10.

PhD Supervisors at CAMES


Flemming Bjerrum          Lars Konge

Responsible editor