Tamim Ahmad Haidari


​PhD student at CAMES

Specialty: Thoracic Surgery
No. of publications: 6
Keywords: VATS Lobectomy, Virtual reality simulation; Simulation training program; VATS surgery; Thoratic surgery.
E-mail: tamim.ahmad.haidari.01@regionh.dk



Tamim Ahmad Haidari focuses on virtual reality simulation in VATS surgery to provide and develop training models and implementation of training courses with evidence-based surgical curricula outside the operation theater for better patient safety and more competent thoracic surgeons in future. 

He aims to develop new VATS models and facilitate courses on Virtual Reality worldwide in colaboration with CAMES. 

Selected Publications

Haidari TA, Konge L, Petersen RH. Training and precision surgery in VATS lobectomy. Journal of Precision Cancer Medicin. 2020;2.

Haidari TA, Konge L, Petersen RH. Simulation for the Video-Assisted Thoracic Surgery surgeon. Journal of Video-Assisted Thoracic Surgery, May 2019. 

PhD Supervisors at CAMES


 Flemming Bjerrum          Lars Konge

Responsible editor