Research collaboration

​As part of our research activities we have a number of collaboration partners.

We collaborate with

  • London School of Economics, UK, Prof. Saadi Lahlou: Video ethnography of work processes in medication as part of the clinical daily practice. Analysis of cognitive processes during anaesthesia in simulation settings. CAMES contact: Dr. Peter Dieckmann.​
  • Université de Neuchatel, Schweiz, Prof. Franziska Tschan: Analysis of reflection levels during debriefings in courses for emergency physicians. CAMES contact: Dr. Peter Dieckmann.
  • AMGROS – Dr. Marianne Hald Clemensen – Analysis of medication process with simulation and video enthnography. CAMES contact: Dr. Peter Dieckmann.
  • Institut für Patientensicherheit, Universitet Bonn, Tyskland, Prof. Tanja Manser. Analysis and optimisation of teamwork. CAMES contact: Dr. Peter Dieckmann.
  • Hull Simulation Centre, Hull UK, Dr. Purva Makani. The effect of video use during debriefings. CAMES contact​: Dr. Peter Dieckmann.

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