​CAMES is increasingly known for its innovative approach and capacity, primarily driven in the intersection between engineering, design, data-science and medical science. This area is rapidly under development with a strategic focus on commercial (collaborative) models, intellectual property rights, translational skills, financing and execution.

Type of innovation

  • Joint innovation projects, e.g. technology, procedures, materials, products
  • Commissioned need-oriented solutions
  • Internal innovation drives within specific challenge areas identified
  • Consortium partner in larger funds-supported innovation projects

Project examples

Currently, more than twenty technical innovation and engineering projects are actively managed in the CAMES portfolio, including:

  • Bronchoscopy assessment (segment registration, motion & muscle activity, video analysis, respiratory registration)
  • Coloscopy (AV, detection, anatomically localization, dynamic real-time data capture)
  • Laparoscopic suturing (motion and muscle activity, load cells, 3D print review)
  • UL pads for aorta aneurism (PoC simcenter, clinical trials)
  • VR educational instruction for caesarean section (VR training and guidance)
  • Fetal medicine and machine learning (imaging, ultrasound AI based analysis and predictions)
  • VR OR (MVP testing, app for applied use)
  • EUS-B-FNA (tumor biopsy decision)
  • EZ pointer invention (digital pointer, input device)
  • Reaction time monitor (webapp)
  • Ultrasound scanning ENT (historic event capture and comparison)
  • Ultrasound assessment – ease of use system (aimed at developing countries)
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