Patient safety – Defusing after unintended events

Unintended events, errors and unsatisfactory procedures are experienced by both staff,  patients and their relatives in the health care system. These events influences our everyday clinical work no matter what profession we belong to. Both patients/relatives and staff report a wide variety of unintended events. As professionals we are obligated to look out for one another when these events occur, not least when it affects patients and their relatives.

Learning objectives

This course is focused on each participant gaining increased competence, knowledge, insight and training in communication with colleagues and patients after an unintended event. The course will cover the following subjects: 

  • ​Defusing – Knowledge of the concept and the practical use
  • Using scenarios for training after critical events
  • Techniques for communication with patients and their relatives
  • Situation games
  • Constructing action plans for yourself and your department

Form and content

The duration of the course is 1 day. It will be beneficial for your department if a group of personnel can participate in the same course. 

Due to the fact that some of the sessions in the course draws on your own experiences, confidentiality is an essential factor at the course and is taken very seriously by the instructors. ​

Target group

Multiprofessional course for all employees in the Capital Region of Denmark.


The course is held at:
CAMES – Copenhagen Academy for Medical Education and Simulation
Herlev Hospital
Herlev Ringvej 75, 25th floor
2730 Herlev​, Denmark


1060 DKK per participant.


Registration for the course at this link


Questions regarding content and entry can be directed to course leader Lene Funck Petersen, e-mail:, phone: +45 3868 9068.

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