Establishing validity evidence for an assessment instrument for evaluating paediatric basic life support competencies for lay persons

Project man​​ager

Asbjørn Hasselager​

Proj​ect owner

Doris Østergaard

Project​​ group

  • Asbjørn Hasselager, MD ph.d. student
  • Doris Østergaard, professor
  • Martin Tolsgaard, MD ph.d.
  • Torsten Lauritsen, MD
  • Tim Kristensen, MD
  • Cathrine Bohnstedt, MD
  • Claus Sønderskov, MD​


Establish validity evidence for a lay person’s paediatric basic life support competencies assessment instrument.​


Using a contemporary framework of validity items identified as important for assessment is tested in pilot study involving employees in day care centres and testing pre and post a instructor based hands on course on paediatric basic life support.​​