The CCC2000

is a prospective birth cohort investigating health and development from birth and onwards. The primary focus is the developmental phenotypes and risk factors of physchopathology, and since 2011 studies of the developing eye and early biomarkers of the eye diseases have been included.

The CCC2000 birth cohort 

consists of all children born in sixteen municipalities in the Copenhagen area through the calendar year 2000, N 6090.

Study waves

The cohort has been assessed at age 0-1, 1½ (small subgroup), 5-7, 11-12, and 16-17 years. Flowchart of assessments and overall participation will follow.


A description and overview of measurements in our Cohort Profile will follow.


A list of our scientific publications can be found here.


Details for access to data and research collaboration will follow.

Access Policy

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