Akademiske afhandlinger


Xiao Qiang Li. Choroidal thickness in children and young adults- A cross-sectional study in two separate cohorts.
Ph.d.-afhandling, Københavns Universitet 2016

Lars Clemmensen. Hyper-Theory-of-Mind in Children with Psychotic Experiences.
Ph.d.-afhandling, Københavns Universitet 2015

anne Elberling. Prevalence and predictors of mental health problems and disorders in a general population of 5-7-year-old children. 

Ph.d.-af​handling, Københavns Universitet 2012

Anne Mette Skovgaard. Mental health problems and psychopathology in infancy and early childhood - An epidemiological Study.
Disputats, Københavns Universitet 2010

Charlotte Ulrikka Rask.
Functional somatic symptoms in 5-7 year-old children. Assessment, prevalence and co-occurrence.
Ph.d.-afhandling, Århus Universitet 2009

Else Marie Olsen. Failure to Thrive in 0-1 year old children. Definition and predictors. A population study based on The Copenhagen County Child Cohort CCCC 2000. 
Ph.d.-afhandling, Københavns Univetsitet 2005​