Stomach ache

What can you do if your child has a stomach ache? What should you pay special attention to?

The film provides simple advice and guidance on how to keep an eye on your child, what you can do to ease your child's discomfort, and when to call your general practitioner, medical on-call service, emergency helpline or 112.

​The most important advice if your child has a stomach ache

Most children experience a stomach ache, and fortunately it usually goes away by itself. In older children, stomach ache is often caused by constipation or a stomach infection.

Young children may complain about a stomach ache, even though they are sick in other parts of their body. They will almost always say that their pain is around the naval, no matter what the cause of the stomach ache is. Very young children may pull up their legs or cry vigorously or for a long time, when they have a stomach ache.


  • Stay calm and pay attention to your child's signals.

  • Wait and see what happens, if your child just has a mild stomach ache.

Call your general practitioner in the daytime. After that, call the medical on-call service or the emergency helpline if your child: 

  • Has a stomach ache and a fever 

  • Is lethargic and listless

  • Has severe pain and is uncomfortable or will not move at all

  • Has a pain that moves to the lower right-hand side of the stomach

  • Has a stomach ache after a fall or an injury

  • Has swallowed a magnet or a button battery

  • If your child has blood in his or her vomit or stools, or if the vomit is green

  • If your son complains about testicle pain

Or if you just feel that things are going in the wrong direction, even though you have tried the advice in this guide.

Call 112: 

  • If your child is lethargic and listless, and you have difficulty getting contact with your child, for example, if you cannot get eye contact

  • If your child has a severe, constant stomach ache. ​

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The most important advice if your child has a stomach ache
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