Biobank Öresund

Biobank Öresund is a collaboration that seeks to collect existing and start new, shared biobanks in the Öresund region. Carried out by University of Lund together with Rigshospitalet, Skåne University Hospital and Gentofte Hospital.


Biomarkers in blood may contribute to improved care and optimized length of stay in the cardiac arrest population. The purpose of sub-project 8 is to identify novel biomarkers (mostly proteins), which can help assess the risk of brain injury and death. A prerequisite for collecting and storing blood samples is the patient’s and/or a family member’s consent. An Ethical Review Board has reviewed and approved our project.

Modern Biobank

A key platform in the sub-project is to create a biobank in the Öresund region where we continuously collect and store blood samples from cardiac arrest patients who have given their permission. Because of diverse regulations in Sweden and Denmark, we plan to have a separate biobank in each country with common procedures for collection, storage and analysis.

In Sweden, we collaborate with the Regional Biobank Centre in Skåne, which has an automated function with barcode labelling and storage of blood samples.

In Denmark, we work in a similar way with the Biobank of the Capital Region, which also has a modern and automated handling of blood samples.

Cooperation outside the Öresund Region

​In parallel with the ongoing collection of blood samples from patients who have suffered cardiac arrest in the Öresund region, we will also analyze samples already collected and for whom ethical permission already exists. To increase the number of analyses and strengthen collaborations outside the Öresund region, we may invite other partners to sub-project 8.

Sub-project 8 will:

• contribute to better integration and collaboration across Öresund

• increase understanding of biomarkers and its use after cardiac arrest

• improve care and optimize length of stay for patients suffering cardiac arrest

• contribute to creating an international standard for the use of biomarkers

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