Innovation and technological improvements that save lives

This project aims to cooperate with Medicon Valley and establish contacts to companies that produce items that can add value in relation to resuscitation. Carried out by University of Lund together with Rigshospitalet.


The purpose of the sub-project is to develop and diffuse new methods that could save or improve the lives of patients who have suffered from cardiac arrest. There are already several such methods in use in the Öresund region and one of our goals is to encourage hospitals on both sides of the Sound to use them. We also would like to identify innovations in an early phase that may develop through translational research and be beneficial for the Öresund population.

Possible Development Areas

Heart-lung machines have been developed in the region of Öresund for many years. Since they have become smaller and portable in recent years, we recognize that they can play a greater role in the acute care of cardiac arrest patients. An automatic CPR compression device (LUCAS), developed in Lund, has recently been shown to be safe to use (the LINK study). The Centre for Resuscitation Science in the Öresund Region conducts development projects where LUCAS is being adapted to advanced CPR in the PCI lab, in conjunction with balloon angioplasty. The results look promising.

New prognostic markers, based on heart and brain-specific microRNAs, are also being developed. A new and faster analysis method is needed before microRNAs can be used in patient care.

SMS Life-saving

In today's society, we are almost always reachable by mobile phones. We would therefore like to develop an SMS-directed CPR alarm chain in the Öresund region, a service to which CPR trained volonteers can sign up. Volunteers who are close by will be called to the scene by SMS. Experience from a project in Stockholm shows that the SMS rescuer arrives prior to the ambulance in half of the cases. A second person can retrieve a public access defibrillator. We are confident that our network can attract a large number of inhabitants of the Öresund region to become volonteers and actively help others.​
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