Corporate Management, Environment's tasks

The Capital Region of Denmark strives to secure good drinking water for you and your family and to protect your health. We clean up any contamination in areas where there is a risk for human health or the environment. Corporate Management, Environment is also responsible for planning within the region’s mineral and raw material resources area.

Contaminated sites a​​re investigated and cleaned up

The region takes on a broad range of duties concerning contaminated soil. These tasks focus on contamination which can pose a threat to human health and the environment, including ground water and the indoor climate.


Contaminated soil and ground water - Corporate Management, Environment’s tasks

  • Investigation and registration of contaminated sites
  • Remediation of contaminated sites
  • Operation and monitoring of remediation projects
  • Providing information for landowners etc. about contaminated sites
  • Providing statements in connection with licences for construction and excavation work on contaminated sites
  • Processing investigations and remedation paid for by landowners
  • Processing projects involving remediation of sites contaminated by former filling stations

Minera​​​​​l and raw material resources planning and landfill operations in quarries

The mineral and raw material resources extracted in the Capital Region of Denmark are clay, sand, gravel and stone. According to the Mineral Resources Act, the region is responsible for overall planning concerning extraction and supply of mineral and raw material resources.


The region is additionally responsible for exemptions relating to land filling soil in quarries in accordance with the Soil Contamination Act.


Mineral an raw material resources and landfill - Corporate Management, Environment’s tasks

  • Plan for mineral and raw material resource extraction and supply
  • Mapping of mineral and raw material resources
  • Designation of extraction areas
  • Exemptions relating to land filling of soil in quarries
  • Monitoring of landfill operations involving soil in quarries.



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