Addresses - Emergency departments and urgent care centers

Addresses of the Capital Region of Denmark’s emergency departments and urgent care centers.

Emergenc​y departments​

Open 24 hours ​​a day

Amager Hospital​​

Kastrupvej 63
2300 København S
Homepage for Amager Hospitals​​ emergency department

Bis​pebjerg Hospital​​​​

Bispebjerg Bakke 23 - 7C
2400 København NV
Homepage for Bispebjerg Hospitals emergency department​

Bornholms Hospital​​​​​

Ullasvej 8
3700 Rønne
Homepage for Bornholms Hospitals emergency department

Frederiksbe​rg Hospital​

Nordre Fasanvej 57​
Vej 2, indgang 3A
2000 Frederiksberg
Homepage for Frederiksbergs Hospitals emergency department

Gentofte Hos​​pita​l​

Gentofte Hospitalsvej 1
2900 Hellerup
Telefon: +45 38 67 38 67

Emergency Clinic: Gentofte Hospitalsvej 2B - open: 7:00 - 22:00

Homepage for Gentofte Hospitals emergency department

Glostrup Hospi​​tal​​​

Nordre Ringvej 57
2600 Glostrup
Homepage for Glostrup Hospitals emergency department

Herlev Hospital

Borgmester Ib Juuls Vej 1
2730 Herlev
Telefon: +45 38 68 38 68

Emergency Department: Borgmester Ib Juuls Vej 101

Hvidovre Hospital​​​​

Kettegård Allé 30
2650 Hvidovre
Homepage for Hvidovre Hospitals emergency department

Nordsjællands Hospital - Frede​rikssund​​

Frederikssundsvej 30
3600 Frederikssund
Homepage for emergency department at Nordsjællands Hospital​

Nordsjællands Hospital - Hillerød​​​​​​​

Dyrehavevej 29
(entrance 04, driveway from Bakkedraget)
3400 Hillerød
Homepage for emergency department at Nordsjællands Hospital​

Nordsjællands Hospital - Sundhedshuset Helsingør ​​​

Murergade 5
3000 Helsingør
Homepage for emergency dep​artment at Nordsjællands Hospital - Healthcare Centre​ 

Remembe​r, you can always call Helpline 1813

If you are uncertain about what to do and who to contact, or if you have questions concerning illness or injury, then you can call Helpline 1813 - 24 hours a day. On the Helpline they can also advise you on which emergency departments and emergency clinics have the shortest waiting times.

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