Emergency telephone 112

If you need urgent medical assistance with acute, life threatening illness or with injury, then call 112. You can call 112 24 hours a day.

Calls to 112 are dir​​ected to the emergency call center​​​

With an acute injury or illness, where there is an urgent need for assistance, call 112.

A prof​essional health worker takes your call​​

Your call will then be forwarded to the regional emergency operations center, where you will speak to a healthcare professional such as a nurse or a paramedic.

A healthcare​​ professional decides what service you require​

The nurse or paramedic will ask you what kind of assistance you need. Based on your description of the situation, they will assess your requirement and, if necessary, send out an emergency ambulance or an emergency doctor’s vehicle.

Emergency ambulance, emergency doctor’s vehicle or alternat​​ive service​

If the emergency operations center conclude that it is not necessary to send out an emergency ambulance or emergency doctor’s vehicle, you will be referred to another treatment service in the Region.


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