Medical Specialists

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Medical spe​​c​​ialists

National health insurance group 1:
The Capital Region of Denmark provides medical specialist treatment free of charge for all persons belonging to national health insurance group 1, upon referral by their GP.

National health insurance group 2:
When seeking treatment by a medical specialist, persons belonging to national health insurance group 2 receive a subsidy corresponding to the amount paid for the same medical specialist treatment of persons belonging to national health insurance group 1. No referral is needed, however the patient must pay a percentage of the fee him/herself.

Specia​l conditions​​ for X-rays

Please note that X-rays require a referral for all patients, also patients belonging to national health insurance group 2. This is to ensure that the radiologist can assess the need for X-rays compared with the radiation risks.

Referral​ cr​iteria

Your GP assesses whether you need a referral to a medical specialist.
Your GP issues your referral online. The medical specialist will then accesses it when you book an appointment.

Please note that you do not need a referral in order to see an ophthalmologist or an oto-rhino-laryngologist. This means you can book an appointment with one of these specialists without obtaining a referral first.

Choosing a me​dica​​l specialist

Often the referring doctor will recommend a medical specialist clinic, however you are not bound by this recommendation. As a patient you are entitled to choose the medical specialist you wish to see, thereby enabling you to choose the clinic with the shortest waiting time. You can choose freely between all medical specialists in Denmark.

You can also choose to consult a medical specialist who is not covered by the national healthcare system, however this treatment is not covered by the regular subsidies.

Please note that when there is a local agreement for specialist treatment (see the section below), treatment must be provided by a medical specialist in the region in which you reside.

Spec​​ial tre​atment

The Capital Region of Denmark has entered into an agreement with a number of independent medical specialists about providing certain forms of special treatment. This could for example be a vasectomy or a sterilization​ procedure.​

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