Main business sectors

In the Capital Region, your company can access strong research environments within health and biotech, green technologies, smart city solutions and creative industries. The Capital Region can be a business hub to the rest of Europe and Scandinavia for your company or organisation.

Highly competitive business strongholds centered on 4 sectors

The Capital Region has a number of highly competitive business strongholds centered on 4 sectors: 

  • Health-tech, medico, biotech, pharmacies and hospitals
  • Green and clean-tech technologies
  • Smart city solutions (IT sector, big data and urban management)
  • Design and creative industries 
These strongholds are the basis for the regional growth and development strategy, which can be accessed here.

A world-class health care research and development environment

Around 80% of all Danish health-tech companies are located in The Capital Region making the region a cluster for health-tech innovation and development. The hospitals operated by The Capital Region use aprox. 280 million Euros on research and development every year.

The ambition is to make the Capital Region one of the world's five most attractive areas for development of health and welfare solutions. This can only be achieved by attracting both investments and world-class talents to the region.

An attractive green and energy-efficient business region

There is a clear ambition in The Capital Region to create a green attractive region with high living standards, a low emission of CO2, and clean drinking water, soil and air. There are clear goals for the future:

  • By 2050, the energy system of the Capital Region will be 100% fossil free,
  • By 2040, the public transport sector will be based 100% on renewables. 
In Denmark, we have proven that economic growth and reductions in energy consumption can be combined – since 1980 we have doubled our wealth while keeping energy consumption at a constant level.

Smart and intelligent cities

Increased urbanisation creates a need for new technological solutions such as intelligent energy systems, traffic regulation systems or trash handling systems. Copenhagen aims for being a frontrunner within smart and intelligent city solutions.

In addition, new "big data" solutions have a large potential in hospital management and in the welfare technology sector. Digitalisation and IT solutions can optimise processes and at the same time create growth and employment.   

Culture and creative thinking is good business

Danish design, architecture and fashion are well known around the globe, and computer games, film and TV production are all contributors to regional growth. Tourism is a focus area for the Capital Region. 

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