Hospital cooperation

Are you representing a hospital in Jiangsu or looking for cooperation with a Danish hospital? In the Capital Region you can get access to a hospital sector at the forefront of research, management and quality of treatment.

The green rooftop of the New North Zealand Hospital.

​Better hospitals through strong international cooperation

The Capital Region is at Europe's cutting edge of hospital management, quality of treatment, and professional level of our doctors. Jiangsu has some of the world's most experienced surgeons and is investing in world-class medical research and development. This is why the Capital Region and Jiangsu Province are sharing experiences and knowledge in the hospital sector.

Utilise the Government-to-Government cooperation for your benefit

The partnership on health care and hospitals was agreed-on and signed by the Center for Health in the Capital Region and the Jiangsu Provincial Commission of Health and Family Planning.

The cooperation agreement promotes bilateral exchange​​s in the health care sector. The agreement promotes:

  • Development and administration of health services in both regions,
  • Improvement of people's health through exchange of best practices,
  • Closer cooperation between public authorities, hospitals, research institutions and private companies in both regions,
  • Exchange of caretakers, doctors and healthcare administrative personal

Please contact us, if you are interested in utilising this government framework for the benefit of your hospital, business or organisation.

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