​As soon as you arrive in Denmark to work in the Capital Region, it is important that you contact the relevant authorities in order to get your CPR number and a Health Card. It's also important that you get a Danish bank account (NemKonto) as soon as possible.

​The National Register of Persons & CPR number​​

All citizens in Denmark are registered in the Civil Registration System (CPR). If you are going to stay in Denmark for more than three month (six month if you move to Denmark from a Nordic country, or if you are an EU or Swiss citizen looking for a job) you too must be registered in the Civil Registration System.

Register as soon as possible​​

You must register with the Civil Registration System as soon as possible and no later than 5 days after your arrival in Denmark. The registration takes place at your local municipal citizen service centre.

Remember to bring​

  • a copy of your residence
  • work permit or EU certificate
  • your passport, and
  • proof of your address in Denmark.

If applicable, you should also bring a copy of your marriage certificate and birth certificate of minor children.

EU/EØS citizens​​

As an EU/EØS citizen (or the spouse of an EU/EØS citizen) you apply for an EU Residence Certificate ("EU opholdsbevis") by visiting International Citizen Service in International House Copenhagen, Gyldenløvesgade 14, 1600 Copenhagen V.

Please note that you should bring your passport or other travel id and a passport colour photo with you, when you go to International Citizen Service (see below).

For more information about how to get an EU Registration Certificate and to download the application form online please click here

Documentation required for the EU registration are:​

  • Two passport photos
  • Employment contract or completed employer declaration form.

For further information, please visit the following websites​​

If you live in the municipality of Copenhagen​​

International House, Copenhagen is designed to bring together various Danish authorities under one roof and to form a common contact point for 'enquiries on residence permits, CPR registration, tax and other related issues'. Aimed at strengthening the attraction and retention of internationals by making it a wonderful experience for internationals to work study and live in Copenhagen.

Living in the municipality of Copenhagen​

You must also visit International Citizen Service, located in International House Copenhagen. They will be able to assist you with your paperwork and guide you through the Danish tax system and registration of foreign vehicles. They will also be happy to inform you about other services and activities, such as studying in Denmark, schooling and daycare.

  • Issuing a CPR number
  • Registering your postal address
  • Assigning a doctor
  • General information on how to fill in the tax form
  • General guidance on the Certificate of Registration for EU citizens
  • Researcher Taxation Scheme
  • EU Registration

Cross Border Commuter​​

If you work in Denmark and live in Sweden, special rules apply. In order to receive a "Grænsegænger (Cross Border) CPR number" you need to mail in a copy of your letter of employment and a copy of your first pay slip to: Folkeregisteret, Nyrupsgade 1, 1640 København V.​

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