Courage when dealing with people

As a social- and health care assistant apprentice you complete a part of your education at a hospital. You develop your professional competencies in an environment where you are in close contact with doctors, nurses and other health care professionals. It takes courage to deal with people, says social- and health care apprentice, Sylvia.

Started as a social – and health care apprentice, but striving towards more

I had only been in Denmark a few years when I took my education to be a social- and health care assistant. It provided me with the possibility to work a year and a half in a care home facility. It was really nice, and I was good at it, but I wanted to be challenged more. Therefore, I started studying to become a social-and health care assistant and I'm already doing my first internship within the Department of Geriatric Medicine.

Close contact with patients

In the department where I work, all patients have a complex medical history- and courses, and there is an obvious need for a variety of different interventions. On a daily basis I attend when we meet with the departments' doctors and nurses and talk about the patients' wellbeing. As a student I have more time on my hands than the doctors and nurses with the individual patients, which gives me the opportunity to observe and report if something changes for the better or the worse.

Doing all the fundamental nursing

Besides observing changes in the patients' conditions, my work consists of providing all the fundamental nursing, i.e. give medicine, insert a catheter, provide wound care. Furthermore, I help patients utilize their resources and prevent further sickness. Underneath that lays the human aspect, to look them in the eyes, to hold their hand, and to treat them with love. This is what the job has to offer, and to me, this is very rewarding.

Something many colleagues don't know about me

When I lived in Ghana I was educated as a graphical designer. I don't directly use my educational background as a graphical designer in my daily work, however, in relation to speaking to patients and understanding them, I find it beneficial to have experienced different aspects of yourself.

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