Every second counts

Every second counts when we are dealing with critically ill patients. In these cases it really makes a difference when we act efficiently and trustfully together, says nurse Bibi.

When my work really feels valuable

I have worked in the emergency clinic for almost three years. I receive patients when they arrive at the emergency clinic -many of them by ambulance and in critical states. When I receive a patient, I assess the patient's condition on the basis of what we call the ABCDE-principles. This brief overview of the patient's condition allows me to assess how acute and immediate their needs are.

Requires theoretical insight and understanding

When I treat patients who are in a critical condition, it requires a thorough theoretical insight and an understanding of the patient's medical history and present state. As an emergency nurse I have to be able to identify, assess and analyze life-threatening conditions and intervene accordingly. These situations are often time-sensitive and in need of immediate action, as well as interdisciplinary collaboration.  

Love the unpredictability of the job

What I love about my job is the urgent and unpredictable aspect. You never know what kind of patient you will receive or problem you will face. This means that no days are alike and therefore my job never gets to boring or repetitive. It is simply too important for that. On the other hand, we are often busy in the emergency clinic and it's a high paced environment.  You have to be able to cope and work in stressful situations. On the other hand, it is my experience that the people who work here look after each other and are good at helping each other when the going gets rough.

Good and transparent collegial community

 All in all, what makes me excited to go to work is not just the emergency nursing, which I really like. It is just as much the good and openhearted collegial community we have. Is makes it easier to maintain focus and committed on those days where our patients demand it the most.

Something many colleagues don't know about me

After work I will often be seen with makeup or thread in my hands trying to beautify my colleagues - mostly my female colleagues.

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