The good job interview

​When you are going to a job interview in the Capital Region of Denmark, it is important that you know Danish and that you prepare carefully.

Language is important​​

If you have been called for a job interview, you possess the qualifications and competences that the Capital Region needs. Now it is time to sell yourself. In this connection language is important as the ability to communicate with colleagues, patients and cooperative partners is often an important part of the job. We recommend that you attain good language competences prior to the interview.

Preparation reduces nervousness​​

It is quite natual to be nervous before a job interview. A good way of reducing your nervousness is to prepare carefully.

What questions need answering​

The job interview is a mutual alignment of expectations. It should not just show if your professional, social, personal and language competences fit the job and the workplace, but also whether the job and the workplace fit you. Consider what questions are important for you to have answered and practice the interview with a friend or family member.

Prepare yourself for questions and answers​

Also, read the job announcement carefully and try to imagine what questions we would like you to answer or elaborate on. Be prepared for questions about the competences you have described in your application.

Be prepared for questions like these​

  • What work routines have you often carried out in your home country?
  • Why would you like to work in Denmark/the Capital Region of Denmark?
  • How does your family feel about you – and possibly also them - going to Denmark?

These are issues that may be interesting for an employer to have answered, but in Denmark it is illegal to use a job applicant’s religious and political persuasion, plans for future children, sexual orientation and disability as a reason for turning down or hiring an applicant.

Take an attitude in relation to specific tasks​

If the job entails a specific task that you will be expected to carry out, take as clear a position in relation to it as possible – this will show that you are motivated and interested.


At several places you will be asked for references from previous and possibly current employers. We recommend that before the job interview you make arrangements with former employers about using them as references in your present job search. You may want to have their name, workplace, phone number and preferably also email address ready for the interview.​

Responsible editor