Childs first and second sick day

​Freedom from work with pay on your child’s first and second sick day.

Some collective agreements provide for whole or partial freedom from work with pay to care for a sick child on its first and second sick day if:

  • the child is below the age of 18 and has its home with the employee;
  • absence from work is necessary to care for the child, and
  • it is compatible with the conditions at the workplace.

Not an unconditional right

In the assessment of whether it is possible to give time off, the employer considers the child’s age and the nature of the sickness. Conditions at the workplace may also make it impossible for the employee to take time off. The employee does not have an unconditional right to take time off with pay on the child’s first and second sick day, but the employer is required to meet the request if possible.

Paid absence but without supplements

In case of freedom from work with pay, the employee will not be paid supplements dependant on work or working hours such as supplements for working late afternoon, nights or weekends.

In case of abuse of this arrangement, absence from work may be denied

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