Pregnancy and leave

​When you become pregnant, you have certain rights and obligations. You can read more about this below.

Notice to your manager

When you are pregnant, you must give notice to your manager no later than three months before expected childbirth. At the same time, you must notify your manager whether you wish to exercise the right to leave before childbirth and when you expect to start your leave.

Your manager must have a copy of your pregnancy record as documentation for the date of expected childbirth. You are only obliged to present the top part of your pregnancy record stating the expected date of childbirth.

Pregnancy leave eight weeks before expected childbirth

You are entitled to absence from work with your normal pay from the date when there are eight weeks to expected childbirth. If you are off sick due to pregnancy problems, you cannot take pregnancy leave until four weeks before expected childbirth.

Maternity or paternity leave the first 14 weeks after childbirth

As a mother, you are entitled to 14 weeks off work with your normal pay – the first two weeks are compulsory. As a father, you are entitled to two weeks off work with your normal pay (paternity leave) within the first 14 weeks after childbirth.

Parental leave after 14 weeks

After the first 14 weeks, you are as a parent entitled to take time off work for a period of up to 32 weeks. For up to 18 weeks of the parental year, you will receive your normal pay. For the remaining weeks of the parental leave, you will receive daily benefits.

The weeks are distributed as follows

  • 6 weeks to the mother
  • 7 weeks to the father
  • 6 weeks in total to divide between the parents

You can share the parental leave, either taking turns or in continuation of each other. The six weeks can be shared so that the father takes three weeks off and the mother takes three weeks. This does NOT mean that both parents can take six weeks’ leave.

As a father, you can choose to bring forward your parental leave and take it together with the mother within the first 14 weeks after the birth of the child. If you choose to do so, you must notify your manager no later than four weeks before your leave begins.

Extension of the 32 weeks’ parental leave

The 32 weeks of parental leave can be extended by 8 or 14 weeks if agreed with your employer. The 32-week period in which you are entitled to daily benefits is thus equally divided between the 40 or 46 weeks. Subject to agreement with your manager, you can begin to work part-time and then the right to absence from work with daily benefits is extended by the time you work.

Deferral of the parental leave

As parents one of you may choose to defer the 8-13 weeks of parental leave. The leave must be taken consecutively before the child reaches the age of 9. You must give 16 weeks’ notice to your manager of your intention to take leave.

Extension of leave in connection with hospitalisation

If you as a mother are hospitalised together with your child after birth, your leave will be extended by the number of days in hospital. Documentation for the hospitalisation must be sent to your manager.

Notice of leave

As a mother you must, within eight weeks after childbirth, notify your manager when you expect to return to work. As a father you must, no later than four weeks before childbirth, notify your manager whether you wish to take paternity leave. With respect to notice of paternity leave, the father must observe the same rules as the mother.

Notices to be given to your workplace



Pregnancy and start date of leave


3 months before expected childbirth

Two weeks of consecutive leave in connection with childbirth


4 weeks before expected start date of leave

Date of return to work, including timing of the 14 weeks of leave


8 weeks after childbirth

The part(s) of the 32 weeks of leave following the 14th week after childbirth, and whether you intend to extend or defer the leave or begin to work part-time


8 weeks after childbirth

Intention to use all or part of the 6+7 weeks of leave with pay


8 weeks after childbirth

8-13 weeks of deferred leave. Weeks you have the right to defer.

Mother / father

16 weeks before you intend to take leave

Up to 32 weeks of deferred leave. Weeks you can defer if agreed with your employer

Mother / father

8 weeks before you intend to take leave (unless otherwise agreed)

Right to full pay is conditional on refund of benefits

You will only be entitled to full pay if your workplace receives full refund of benefits from your local authority of residence.

What to remember as a manager

You must receive a form from your employee stating when the employee intends to begin a pregnancy, maternity, paternity and/or parental leave and when the employee expects to return to work. This form must be received no later than eight weeks after childbirth. If the date is exceeded, the employee is no longer entitled to decide when to start and end the leave, but must agree it with you.

Refund in connection with childbirth and adoption

The mother:


Refund is granted for the four weeks before expected childbirth

and 14 + 6 (+ 6) weeks after childbirth

In case of hospitalisation with the child during leave, the leave will be extended by the number of days in hospital (documentation required)

Number of days in hospital

The father:

Paternity leave

Two weeks after childbirth

Parental leave (6 weeks earmarked for the father)

Seven weeks

To share between mother and father, total:

Six weeks

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