Joint financing by the municipalities

​The municipalities have jointly financed regional expenditure for somatic and psychiatric hospital treatment as well as treatment by general practitioners, medical specialists, dentists etc.


In somatics, joint financing is built around the DRG/DAGS system. The municipal joint financing is calculated as 34% of the DRG/DAGS rate, though just about DKK 15,000 as a maximum per admission and just about DKK 1.500 as a maximum per out-patient. In addition, the municipalities pay 70% of the rate for rehabilitation during admission.

Mental health services​

In mental health services, the municipalities pay 60% of the bed-day rate, however, no more than around DKK 8,500 per admission, and 30% of the out-patient rate, however not more than around DKK 500 per consultation.

General practice​

In the general practice area, the municipalities pay 10% of the remuneration, except for in the medical specialist area in which they pay 34% of the remuneration, however, no more than around DKK 1.500 per consultation.

Health services agreements and cooperation​

The Capital Region of Denmark and the 29 municipalities located within the region have entered into a heath services agreement.

Development groups work on joint management information​​

In connection with the health service agreements, a number of development groups have been set up with representatives from the Capital Region of Denmark and the municipalities, including an advisory group concerning financing and activities which work on the development of relevant, joint management information and specific analyses of the trend in the municipal joint financing, including the activities financed.

As a result of this work, data on activities are being made available periodically to the municipalities via the Capital Region of Denmark's website. 

Other municipal financing of services rendered by hospitals​

The municipalities also finance, in full, the stay of hospitalised patients (the municipality's own citizens) whose treatment has been finalised but who are pending discharge, as well as specialised out-patient rehabilitation for their citizens.

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