Centre for Health

The tasks of Centre for Health and contact information
Centre for Health is responsible for administrative planning and development tasks in the health and social area. Centre for Health is divided into five units at Regionsgården in Hillerød and five units located at the Capital Region of Denmark's hospitals.

Christian Worm
Staff director
Tel.: +45 3866 6010
Email: christian.worm@regionh.dk  

Lars Kinnerup
Head of Secretariat
Tel.: +45 3866 6001
Email: lars.kinnerup@regionh.dk  

Anne Skriver
Head of Unit for Hospital and Psychiatry Planning
Tel.: +45 3866 6011
Email: anne.skriver@regionh.dk  

Monika Madsen
Head of Unit for Development and Quality
Tel.: +45 3866 6061
Email: monika.madsen@regionh.dk 

Jean Hald Jensen 
Head of Unit for Municipal Collaboration
Tel.: +45 3866 6105
Email: jean.hald.jensen@regionh.dk

Anne Schultz Pinstrup 
Head of Unit for Education

Tel.: +45 5115 0053

Email: anne.schultz.pinstrup@regionh.dk  

Annemarie Hellebek
Head of Unit for Patient Safety
Email: annemarie.hellebek@regionh.dk  

Marie Fuglsang
Head of Unit for User Surveys
Email: marie.fuglsang@regionh.dk  

Torben Jørgensen
Head of Unit for the Research Centre for Prevention and Health
Email: torben.joergensen@regionh.dk  

Jens Kristian Kragholm
Head of Unit for the Hospital Choice
Email: kragholm@rh.regionh.dk   
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