Centre for Real Estate

​Centre for Real Estate is a newly established corporate centre in the Capital Region. As of January 2017 we will handle the region’s real estate portfolio of approx. 2 million square meters counting everything from protected properties to new constructions.

Our job is to create, drive and optimize the physical environment for the hospitals, businesses and centres in the Capital Region and handle related real estate services. 

We take part in ensuring a good physical environment for the regions approx. 40,000 employees and for the patients whom are to feel “Expected and Welcome” in whatever part of the region’s buildings they are to visit.    

Centre for Real Estate’s ambition is to be a strong and valued partner, aiming to create a good experience for the patients in collaboration with the region’s other employees.​

Who are we?

At the moment we are working to create a strong team of leaders for the approx. 650 employees that will be a part of Centre for Real Estate. A final management team will be set by the end of 2016.​

Centre for Real Estate consists of:

​Mogens Kornbo, director 
Tel.: +45 38 66 64 01

Responsible editor