The regional growth fora prepare strategies on business development in the individual regions. The business development strategy “The Capital Region of Denmark - the green innovative growth engine of Northern Europe” was adopted by the Growth Forum in December 2010.




The vision of the Growth Forum is that by 2020 the capital region will be: “the most global and competitive metropolis of Northern Europe where people and enterprises in innovative partnerships convert knowledge, welfare and sustainability into growth”.​

O​​​ver​all gro​wth target

The overall growth target is for the capital to be on a par with the best regions in Europe. This entails an increase in GDP per inhabitant from 1.7% per annum to 2.5% per annum.

Are​​​as of ​spec​​ial interest

The Growth Forum has singled out six areas of special interest which are particularly important in insuring growth in the capital region 

  • New welfare and health technology as good business 
  • An attractive metropolis with good traffic connections 
  • Innovation and research - foundation of the knowledge region 
  • World class talent and competences 
  • Business clusters - strong niches in global competition 
  • Growth entrepreneurs with an international approach

Sp​​ecific g​​oals

A total of 19 specific business development goals in the region have been drawn up for each area of special interest. For example, in 2013 the number of innovative enterprises must be 50; 54% of students must have completed further and higher education in 2013, and the number of growth entrepreneurs must be increased to 14% of entrepreneurs.


​​The business development strategy is being implemented through a number of specific projects. In continuation of the strategy, the Growth Forum has prepared a catalogue of ideas with draft project​ initiatives. The projects should contribute to meeting the goals outlined under the relevant areas of special interest.

The initiatives are typically carried out by a number of parties in cooperation. These initiatives are fina​nced through busines​s development funds in combination with structural funds as appropriate.

Read the Busi​​​​ness Development Strategy in PDF


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