Soil contamination and groundwater management

You and your organisation can tap into world-class soil and groundwater remediation competencies by cooperating with the Capital Region and our companies. A strong Danish government-backed partner is a good choice, if your company or organisation is planning to develop new residential areas

​​The Capital Region and CLEAN at The International Summit of New Environmental Protection Technology 2017 in Nanjing. At the conference Danish competencies were showcased and several Danish soil companies participated.

Soil and groundwater management is a core task in urbanisation

Increased urbanisation creates an increased need for assessment and evaluation of subsurface environmental issues. When former industrial sites are being developed into new neighborhoods, soil and groundwater need to be examined and cleaned up to secure the health of our citizens. You can read more on our work in relation to soil contamination here (opens in a new window).

The Danish system for contaminated site management has been developed over the past 35 years and the Capital Region has great experience within this field. The Capital Region has therefore signed a partnership agreement with the Jiangsu Environmental Protection Department on soil contamination and groundwater protection.

Active mutual exchanges are at the core of our cooperation

The cooperation agreement promotes bilateral exchanges in the area of soil and ground water management. Activities include: 

  • Pilot project in Taizhou City, Hailing District, Jiangsu Province to showcase Danish technology of investigation and remediation of soil contamination
  • Mutual visits of researchers and officials in order to facilitate knowledge exchange in both Denmark and China
  • Participation in the " The International Summit of New Environmental Protection Technology" " in Nanjing in 2015, 2016 and 2017. At the conference, Danish competencies were showcased

We are looking to expand our cooperation into other Jiangsu cities and to build a stronger network in Jiangsu. We would like you to be a part of our network.

CLEAN and Jiangsu partners are implementing the agreement

On the Danish side, the environmental secretariat of the Capital Region of Denmark, CLEAN, is responsible for the commercial development and implementation of the cooperation agreement. Main partners on the Chinese side include, among others, the Jiangsu Environmental Protection Department and the Jiangsu Provincial Academy of Environmental Science. 

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