Our partners

​The Capital Region has a number of important partners to support the cooperation with Jiangsu. Without support from our partners, a comprehensive and successful engagement with Jiangsu would not be possible.

​Our Chinese partners               

Our Danish partners

Our Chinese partners


Jiangsu Science and Technology Department - www.jstd.gov.cn

The JSTD is responsible for implementing the guidelines, policies and regulations of the State related to the work of science and technology, and to draw up and implement provincial plans.

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Jiangsu Health and Family Planning Commission - www.jswst.gov.cn

This department is the main health authority in Jiangsu. They carry out laws, regulations and policies on public health formulated by the State, and formulate and carry out provincial plans of public health and distribute resources for public health in Jiangsu Province.

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Jiangsu Environmental Protection Department - www.jshb.gov.cn

The department implements national guidelines, policies, laws, rules and regulations related to environmental protection and draws up environmental protection planning in Jiangsu. This includes formulating plans for pollution control and prevention and ecological protection as well as to supervise and administrate the prevention and control of pollution of air, water body, soil, noise, radiation, solid waste, toxic chemicals and motor vehicles exhaust.

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Jiangsu Foreign Affairs Office - www.jsfao.gov.cn

This department is responsible for coordinating and initiating cooperation with foreign governments, as well as assisting other government departments in managing their foreign relations. The department is the main entry point for the Capital Region in the cooperation with Jiangsu.

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Jiangsu Provincial People's Hospital - www.jsph.net

Jiangsu Provincial People's Hospital, affiliated to Nanjing Medical University, was established in 1936. The hospital is by far the largest Level 3A general hospital in Jiangsu. It has three major tasks – medical treatment, education, and research. The hospital has a land area of 20 hectares with a total floor space of 270,000 square meters, a total fixed asset sum of CNY 2 billion and has more than 5,000 employees. At present there are 3,000 beds available for patients in the hospital. The hospital's administration is under the direct supervision of Jiangsu Provincial Health and Family Planning Commission. The hospital offers a complete range of clinical and technical services, with technical excellence in its key departments.

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Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in the Kingdom of Denmark - www.chinaembassy.dk

The Chinese Embassy in Denmark has been a strong supporter for the Capital Region-Jiangsu Province cooperation.

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Our Danish partners

Innovation House China-Denmark - www.china-denmark.com/

Shared office-spare for Danish and Chinese companies.

Copenhagen Municipality - www.kk.dk and in Chinese www.copenhagencity.cn

Copenhagen Municipality has a long standing sister-city relationship with Beijing. Copenhagen Municipality "International House" handles official registration of foreigners moving to the Capital Region of Denmark area please click here (opens in new window).


Copenhagen Healthtech Cluster - www.cphhealthtech.com

Copenhagen Healthtech Cluster (CHC) is a platform for connecting initiatives and delivering new healthtech solutions that address the future health challenges. By helping facilitate partnerships within healthtech, CHC will strengthen the innovative environment and facilitate the development of a dynamic industry – making Copenhagen a hot spot for healthtech innovation in Europe and a vibrant collaborative arena for major global players.



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Copenhagen Capacity - www.copcap.com and in Chinese www.copcap.cn

Copenhagen Capacity is Copenhagen's official organisation for investment promotion and business development. Our mission is to develop and present business opportunities in Copenhagen to international companies, investors and talent and to help facilitate their implementation. Copenhagen Capacity is a non-profit organisation. The services are available to all foreign-owned companies free of charge and are provided in full confidentiality. Copenhagen Capacity is mainly funded by the Capital Region who is represented by four members of the board.

See also the One-Point-Entry service for foreign delegations in Denmark.

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CLEAN - http://cleancluster.dk/projects/chinadesk/

CLEAN is Denmark's largest energy and environment cluster organisation. Through its projects and partnerships, CLEAN creates green growth and innovation in Denmark and internationally. CLEAN is a Danish focal point that conveys knowledge, talent and collaboration between large and small businesses, government institutions and organisations.


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Wonderful Copenhagen - www.visitcopenhagen.com

Wonderful Copenhagen is a network organisation responsible for promoting tourism in the Capital Region. Wonderful Copenhagen also facilitates and promotes partnerships within the commercial areas of tourism. Wonderful Copenhagen is funded by its members and through contracts with the Capital Region of Denmark.

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Danish Soil Partnership - www.danishsoil.org

Danish Soil Partnership is a platform for all actors in the soil remediation sector - local government, consultants, contractors, technology developers and research institutions. The objective of Danish Soil Partnership is to promote development of contaminated soil solutions and to market solutions internationally. To achieve this, the partnership will facilitate innovative project amongst the partners. The projects will have one of the following objectives: to develop technology with a market potential, to market Danish soil solutions, and to create specific sales alliances. 

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The Royal Danish Embassy in China – www.kina.um.dk and in Chinese http://kina.um.dk/zh-cn.aspx

The official Danish diplomatic mission to China.  The Capital Region of Denmark as a regional government has a close connection with the national government level and seeks to join forces when possible.

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Royal Danish Consulate General in Shanghai


State of Green - www.stateofgreen.com and in Chinese www.stateofgreen.com/cn

Denmark has decided to lead the transition to a green growth economy and will become independent of fossil fuels by 2050 as the first country in the world. As the official green brand for Denmark, State of Green gathers all leading players in the fields of energy, climate, water and environment and fosters relations with international stakeholders interested in learning from the Danish experience. State of Green is your gateway to learn more about the ambitious Danish plan and the innovative solutions which are essential to make it happen. 

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Greater Copenhagen www.greatercph.com

A focal point of our regional business development is "Greater Copenhagen", which is an important political initiative that brings together two Danish regions (The Capital Region and Region Zealand) and the Swedish region of Scania/Skåne connected to Copenhagen by the Øresund Bridge. See also the investment portal for foreign investors www.investcph.com.

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Bycirklen - www.bycirklen.com/kina-samarbejdet

Bycirklen is a strategic partnership between Ballerup, Egedal and Frederikssund Municipalities. Bycirklen’s focus on China started in 2007, when it entered into a partnership agreement with Wuxi. The aim is to share knowledge and experience in the areas of education, culture, health and the environment.

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