Innovative and commercial health-tech

Are you looking for a platform suited for testing new innovative health-tech solutions in Europe or China? The Capital Region-Jiangsu Province Government agreement on innovative health-tech is a perfect starting point.

New innovative health-tech solutions through international cooperation

Both Jiangsu Province and the Capital Region have high ambitions to let their medical industries grow into world leading clusters. As a result, the Department for Regional Development in the Capital Region of Denmark and the Science and Technology Department of the Jiangsu Province have joined forces in order to provide a platform for health-tech cooperation between Chinese and Danish companies and hospitals.

Gain access to test and development platforms in Denmark and China

The aim of the cooperation is to give Danish companies access to test and develop health-tech solutions in China and vice versa. The form of cooperation is centered on:

  • Conducting seminars, workshops and meetings between professionals in order to share information and research on new health-tech solutions
  • Setup public-private cooperation partnerships to test Danish health-tech solutions in Jiangsu
  • Setup public-private cooperation partnerships to test Chinese health-tech solutions in Copenhagen
The Copenhagen Health-tech Cluster and Jiangsu partners are implementing the agreement
On the Danish side, the healthcare secretariat of the Capital Region of Denmark, Copenhagen Health-tech Cluster, is responsible for the commercial development and implementation of the cooperation agreement​. Main partners on the Chinese side include Jiangsu Province Hospital, Jiangsu Health and Family Planning Commission and the Jiangsu Science and Technology Department.

Areas for cooperation

During a high level political visit to Jiangsu in Novmeber 2016 three new MoUs were signed on fast track surgery, investment promotion and innovation cooperation´(access the MoUs in the column to the right).

Other potential cooperation areas include:

  • Telemedicine, medicine and treatment by remote connection
  • Digitally supported rehabilitation,
  • Diabetes prevention and care,
  • Technically advanced simulation training for doctors learning new surgical procedures,
  • Innovative care solutions in nursing homes
We would like to get in touch with you, if your organisation or company has any potential health-tech solutions ready for testing in real-life situations. The goal in 2016 is to initiate concrete health-tech innovation projects involving hospitals and companies.
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