Education and Training

The Capital Region of Denmark is involved in training and education within two areas: Firstly, our hospitals act as places of training for thousands of students who want to work in the health services, and secondly, we develop and coordinate general training programmes in the region.

​​​A place o​​f education and training

With roughly 36,000 employees the Capital Region of Denmark is one of the largest workplaces in Denmark. We take this as a huge obligation. We strive to meet the citizens' expectations for highly professional and service-minded staff and therefore offer an intensive training programme for all specialist groups in the health services.

Prepare f​​​or the future

Currently, we focus on the regional training policy, and how we can best prepare for the labour market of the future, as well as its needs for knowledge and competences. The regional budget has therefore allocated additional funds for training and education.​

Match exp​​​ectations and needs

We are working to develop health care training programmes to constantly match the expectations and needs of both the health services and young people.

Basic traini​ng and further education 

This applies to basic training programmes, in which the hospitals in the Capital Region of Denmark offer clinical and practical training for the various specialist groups, as well as further education of staff, to ensure that all employees have the necessary knowledge and skills to perform their tasks in the health services now and in future.

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