Mineral and raw material resources and everyday life

There are mineral and raw material resources just beneath the ground surface in Denmark and we all use them every day.


From mineral and raw material resource to bricks

What are mineral and raw material resource depos​​​its?

Sand, gravel, rocks and clay are prevalent just beneath the ground surface in Denmark, however the mineral and raw material resources found in the subsurface are a resource that we cannot replenish. The most common mineral resources extracted in the region include sand, rocks and gravel, all of which are primarily found in melt water deposits near the ground surface.

The deposits originate from the Ice Age more than 10,000 years ago and were formed during a series of glacial advances from Norway and Sweden, followed by their melting and retreat.

Clay used by the tile industry was deposited as till or marine and lake deposits. The underlying limestone, deposited many millions of years ago in the Capital Region of Denmark, is most often below thick, varying strata deposited during the Ice Age.

There are considerable geographical differences in the structure and content of the upper geological layers in Denmark, even within the short distances in the Capital Region of Denmark. The local differences in the structure and landscape can be decisive for the extent of the individual layer and, for example, whether a sand and gravel layer can be described as a mineral and raw material resources deposit.​

Mineral and raw material ​​resources and everyday life

The mineral and raw material resources are used everywhere and every day, and they are an important part of Denmark's wealth. Sand, gravel and stone are used extensively for concrete and roads and they are the very foundation of new building and road construction in Denmark. Sand and gravel is also used in glass manufacture, insulation, etc.

Clay is used to make bricks and roofing tiles, and as an additive in cat litter and paint, for example. Limestone is used in fertiliser, cement, paint, etc.

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