Greater Copenhagen – An international metropolis

​The Capital Region of Denmark is part of Greater Copenhagen – a business and political collaboration between local authorities and regions in two countries. The vision is to attain a position as one of the most successful metropolises in Europe.

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Greater Copenhagen is a partnership between Eastern Denmark and Southern Sweden to create jobs and economic growth. 

A powerful international identity gives us an edge when it comes to competing with other cities, such as Amsterdam and Hamburg, to attract research funding, talent and business. 

​Metropolis teeming with opportunity

Greater Copenhagen is Northern Europe’s most vibrant metropolitan region and has global impact. It is home to 3.9 million people, offers top living standards, highly-skilled employees and has many qualities when it comes to green solutions, health, creativity and innovation.

Greater Copenhagen:
  • ​Is clean, environment friendly and a frontrunner for innovation and green investment
  • Has easy access to 100 m consumers
  • Has excellent infrastructure, with Copenhagen Airport nominated as Europe’s best airport multiple times 
  • Is a hub for knowledge and excellence, boasting approx. 14,000 researchers, 19 research parks and innovation centres and 17 universities 
  • Is famous for elegant Scandinavian design, Nordic cuisine, architecture and historical castles 
  • Offers high standards of living and a unique work-life balance

​Shared solutions to shared challenges

Greater Copenhagen is about breaking down barriers between local authorities, regions and countries and about creating a partnership where we all pull in the same direction and invest in shared solutions to shared challenges. 

This partnership makes it easier and more attractive to set up an enterprise, invest and settle in the metropolitan region. Collaboration will also ensure that we qualify competent employees for business and industry and that education and research are of a high international calibre.

Facts about Greater Copenhagen

  • Greater Copenhagen is a business and political collaboration between 79 municipalities and 3 regions in Eastern Denmark and Skåne in Southern Sweden.

  • Greater Copenhagen offers leading-edge research facilities and a creative business environment with access to markets in two countries.

  • Home to 3.9 m people, the metropolis region is the largest recruitment base for highly qualified employees in Scandinavia. 

  • The goal is to become the number one metropolis in Northern Europe in order to attract and retain international investment, business, tourism and talent.
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