The Capital Region of Denmark – A part of Greater Copenhagen

​As part of Greater Copenhagen, the Capital Region of Denmark belongs to a strong international brand that puts us ahead of other metropolitan regions, and it plays a unique role as a powerhouse for growth.

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The capital has more than once been voted the world's best city to live in. It’s where most new jobs are created. And it’s where over one third of Denmark’s wealth is generated. 

​Economic engine for the nation

The Capital Region of Denmark sets the standards in the whole of Denmark when it comes to education and research. Notably, this is where:

  • ​3 out of 4 new jobs were created in the last decade 
  • Businesses generate around half of all Danish exports 
  • About 17,000 companies were set up from 2003 to 2013
  • 1.7 m people live 
​Moreover, the capital region:
  • ​​​​Is host to the bulk of public and private investment in R&D
  • Generates around 40% of Denmark’s GNP
​Thus the Capital Region of Denmark is a key player due to its special responsibility for ensuring growth and job creation for the benefit of Denmark as a whole.

Part of an integrated metropolitan region

The Capital Region of Denmark is part of Greater Copenhagen, which is a collaboration for economic growth between local authorities and three regions in Eastern Denmark and Southern Sweden. 

A strong international identity puts the partners in a much more advantageous position to compete with other cities to attract research funding, talent and business. Towns such as Herlev, Hillerød and Køge are unknown abroad, while Greater Copenhagen, on the other hand, is a powerful brand.

The Capital Region of Denmark has an entirely different impact as part of a nearly four-million-strong metropolis with world-class research facilities and the largest recruitment base for highly skilled employees in Scandinavia. 

​Facts about the Greater Copenhagen partnership

  • ​​Greater Copenhagen is a business and political collaboration between 79 municipalities and 3 regions in Eastern Denmark and Skåne in Southern Sweden.

  • Greater Copenhagen offers leading-edge research facilities and a creative business environment with access to markets in two countries.

  • Home to 3.9 m people, the metropolis region is the largest recruitment base for highly qualified employees in Scandinavia. 

  • The goal is to become the number one metropolis in Northern Europe in order to attract and retain international investment, business, tourism and talent.
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