Ban on visits to all hospitals enters into force

Regional councils are following the updated guidelines from the authorities and issuing bans on family visits to Danish hospitals. Exemptions from the ban only apply for the critically ill or for parents visiting a minor child.
In order to protect both patients and hospital staff against coronavirus, from 10:00 a.m. on Wednesday 18 March it will not be permitted for relatives to accompany or visit family and friends at all Danish hospitals. The ban includes hospitals and mental health services and related treatment institutions.

The Danish Patient Safety Authority has asked the Danish regional councils to issue a temporary ban on visits to hospitals and related treatment institutions.

The ban does not include visits by close relatives in a critical situation. For example, an urgent visit to someone who is critically ill or dying, or a visit by a parent or other close relative to a minor child.

The ban on visits to Danish hospitals has been implemented to prevent corona spread to patients and staff as far as possible.
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