Important information on coronavirus

About visits, cancellations and symptoms.



Read about vaccination against COVID-19

If you have symptoms:

Do not enter the hospital if you feel ill, or you have a sore throat, muscle pain, a runny nose, dry cough or fever, for example. 

During your visit

It is no longer generally recommended that patients and visitors have a valid COVID-19 passport and wear a face mask when visiting the hospital.

It is still important to remember to:
  • Use hand disinfectant when you arrive and when you leave the hospital​.
  • Keep a safe distance from other people.
  • Follow all instructions from staff and on posters.

Corona tests for patients

To prevent the spread of infection in our hospitals the Danish health authorities recommend that the following patients must be tested:

  • ​All acute internal medicine admissions over the age of 18, regardless of vaccination status​
  • All patients showing symptoms of COVID-19 who must be admitted at hospital​
Some departments with particularly vulnerable patients may also decide to have patients PCR tested in connection with certain examinations or treatments. The department will tell you if you have to be tested.

For patients/citizens with symptoms of coronavirus

  • If you have problems breathing, if your symptoms are getting worse, or if you have been ill for several days, ring your general practitioner (or 1813 outside opening hours). 
    It is important that you call first and that you do not show up at the waiting room, as you could infect others.
  • Keep your distance from people close to you and avoid contact with others outside your home.
  • If you have an appointment at the hospital, call the department for a new appointment.

Test for coronavirus

Read about referrals and results of tests forcoronavirus on regionh.dk

More information

You can also search information in English on coronavirus on coronasm​itte.dk​

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