Important information on coronavirus

About face masks, visits, cancellations and symptoms.



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No access if you have symptoms:

Do NOT enter the hospital if you feel ill, or you have a sore throat, muscle pain, dry cough or fever, for example. You must have been free of symptoms for 48 hours.

Hospital visits

Patients are again free to receive visitors at most hospitals. 

However, special rules may apply at some departments. Ask a member of staff at your own, or your relative’s department if you are in doubt.

Special rules for Herlev Hospital and Hvidovre Hospital

 Note that there are still restrictions on visits to Herlev Hospital and Hvidovre Hospital: 
  • Patients may only be accompanied by, and receive visits from, one fixed relative. 

  • Relatives may only enter the hospital if they are the FIXED closest relative of a patient. Visitors to the hospital who are not the fixed visitor may be turned away.

  • This restriction does not apply for critically ill patients and patients who can receive visits in outdoor areas. 

  • If you are to accompany or visit a patient, we urge you to take a coronavirus test before your visit. If you visit a patient regularly, it would also be a good idea to be tested regularly. The type of test is not important, the important thing is that you are tested. A test before you visit is not a requirement but we appeal to you, please help us take care of our patients and staff.

  • Contact the relevant department if you are in doubt.

  • The restrictions apply initially until 13 May 2021. 

Wear a face mask and keep your distance

Visitors and inpatients

Visitors should go directly to the patient’s room to minimise contact with others.

All visitors must wear a face mask at all times when inside the hospital. A disposable face mask is required at all departments, outpatient departments, etc. Cloth face masks are not permitted.

Note: Visitors can be turned away if they are not wearing a face mask.

If you are an in-patient, please wear a disposable face mask when you leave your room.


  • Face masks are optional for children under 12 years of age
  • People with respiratory problems, reduced levels of consciousness, or people with physical or mental illnesses or impairments that mean that they cannot remove their face mask themselves do not have to wear a face mask
  • You must remove your face mask if you experience severe irritation or discomfort, such as difficulty breathing or a sense of choking
  • You may remove your face mask to eat, drink or take medicine, or to hold a conversation with people who have to lip-read etc.
  • Patients or visitors who cannot wear a disposable face mask may use a full-face visor.

Remember hygiene and keep your distance

It is still important to use hand disinfectant and keep a distance of two metres wherever possible. A face mask is a supplement to the distancing requirement.

During your visit

You must follow these rules when you are at the hospital:

  • Wear a face mask in common areas - optional for children under the age of 12
  • Use a disposable face mask at all departments
  • Use hand disinfectant when you arrive and when you leave the hospital
  • Move around at the hospital as little as possible - go directly to the relevant department 
  • Keep two metres away from other people
  • Keep at least one metre away from other people in the waiting room
  • Follow all instructions from staff and on posters.

For patients/citizens with symptoms of coronavirus

  • If you have problems breathing, if your symptoms are getting worse, or if you have been ill for several days, ring your general practitioner (or 1813 outside opening hours).

It is important that you call first and that you do not show up at the waiting room, as you could infect others.

  • Keep your distance from people close to you and avoid contact with others outside your home.
  • If you have an appointment at the hospital, call the department for a new appointment.

Test for coronavirus

Read about referrals and results of tests forcoronavirus on


If you have general questions about the coronavirus, please call the authorities’ hotline, which is open 24-hours a day. Telephone number: +45 70 20 02 33

You can also search information in English on coronavirus on

For employees at the Capital Region of Denmark

There is information on the coronavirus for staff employed by the Capital Region of Denmark on the Region's website

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