Coronavirus: Important information before you go to the hospital

Do not go to the hospital if you have fever, a cough, difficulty swallowing or breathing, or a headache. Relatives should refrain from visiting hospital. If you are a patient, and if you have symptoms, remember to cancel your appointment and arrange a new appointment.

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Patients with a hospital appointment

New precautions regarding coronavirus mean that we have changed our planning. Your appointment at the hospital may therefore be postponed or changed. Please keep an eye on your e-Boks. 

Ban on hospital visits

In order to protect both patients and staff against coronavirus, it is not permitted for relatives to accompany or visit family and friends at the hospital. 

Only relatives of critically ill patients and parents of minor children can visit the hospitals. We appeal for only one parent to visit at a time. 

Please contact the hospital before you visit.

Read also the news article: “Ban on visits to all hospitals enters into force"

To patients/citizens with symptoms of coronavirus

  • If you have problems breathing, if your symptoms are getting worse, or if you have been ill for several days, ring your general practitioner (or 1813 outside opening hours).

    It is important that you call the department first and that you do not show up at the waiting room, as you could infect others. 

  • If you have mild symptoms like coughing, slight fever or a cold, you should stay at home and act in the same way as you would with flu, i.e. avoid infecting others.

    Keep your distance from people close to you and avoid contact with others outside your home.
If you have an appointment at the hospital, call the department for a new appointment.

If you have been tested for coronavirus

Check your e-Boks and if you have been tested for coronavirus.


If you have general questions about the coronavirus, please call the authorities’ hotline, which is open 24-hours a day. Telephone number: +45 70 20 02 33

You can also search information in English on coronavirus on

For employees at the Capital Region of Denmark

There is information on the coronavirus for staff employed by the Capital Region of Denmark on the Region's website

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