Massive boost for the diabetes area in the Capital Region of Denmark

​An investment of almost 3 billion Danish kroner in a new diabetes centre to raise diabetes treatment and research to world-class level.

The centre will be affiliated with Herlev Hospital and is planned to be finished in 2020.

Diabetes is one of the most common diseases in world, and in the coming years it will affect an increasing number of Danes. 

This is why the Capital Region of Denmark and the Novo Nordisk Foundation have worked together to prepare a vision for a new, large diabetes centre, which will offer the best patient treatment and become one of the leading environments in the world for clinical diabetes research and education. 

Today, diabetes treatment and research is at a high international level at a number of different research institutions and hospitals across the Capital Region of Denmark, but we can do even better if we unify treatment and research, said Sophie Hæstorp Andersen, council president of the region. 

“An increasing number of people will be diagnosed with diabetes in the future, which is why we need an innovative diabetes centre that can provide patients with treatment at the same level as at the very best healthcare facilities abroad, and where Danish and international researchers can lead the way in a strong research environment. 

We know from international experience that a close collaboration between treatment and research provides the best treatment options, and it is my hope that it also will provide us with more knowledge about the best way to tackle other common diseases,” said Ms Hæstorp Andersen. ​

Improving health and welfare 

The largest individual grant (DKK 2.8 billion) in the history of the Novo Nordisk Foundation will enable realisation of these ambitious plans. The Foundation will pay for the construction of the centre and furthermore contribute to its activities concerning prevention and treatment of diabetes as well as research, education and further and continuing training of general practitioners. 

This will happen on the basis of a long-term agreement with the Capital Region of Denmark that is set to run until 2029. The new centre is expected to play an active part in the prevention of diabetes and the diesease’s complications as well as be in dialogue with general practitioners, who play a vital role with regard to, for example, early discovery of diabetes. 

“One of the most important tasks of the Novo Nordisk Foundation is to offer considerable financial support to research and development that will improve the health and welfare of human beings. For this reason, we have decided to support the new diabetes center, which will compare to the finest in the world,” said Sten Scheibye, chair of the Novo Nordisk Foundation. 

“We have emphasised that the diabetes centre is to offer both the best possible course of treatment for the individual patient, and become a considerable driving force in the development of new treatment and prevention methods which will benefit all diabetes patients,” said Sten Scheibye. 

24/7 service 

The centre, “Steno Diabetes Center Copenhagen”, will be able to treat more than 11,000 patients with all types of diabetes per year, and it will be open 24 hours a day for the Capital Region of Denmark in close collaboration with hospitals with emergency facilities. The offer will benefit patients from all of Denmark because it is a part of the free hospital choice system. 

The centre will be a specialist clinic focusing on the individual and cohesive treatment plans as well as prevention of all types of diabetes and their complications. At the centre, patients will have access to dieticians, physiotherapy, physical activities, screening and treatment of complications in the feet, eyes, kidneys, teeth and mouth, as well as neurological and cardiovascular complications. 
The centre will be affiliated with Herlev Hospital and is planned to be finished in 2020. 


The ambitions of the new diabetes centre are:

  • ​to create one of the leading treatment options for people with diabetes in an interconnected health service. 

  • to establish one of the best environments for clinical diabetes research in the world. 

  • That the Capital Region of Denmark and the Greater Copenhagen area become a global beacon with regard t innovative diabetes training. 

  • That the centre will be an integrated part of a strengthened infrastructure for diabetes treatment and clinical research in the field based on close collaboration with the hospitals and universities in the region as well as other public and private players in Denmark and abroad. 

  • That according to the vision proposal, Steno Diabetes Center Copenhagen will be established as new a building affiliated with Herlev Hospital. The ambition is to create the best possible modern physical surroundings for a cohesive course of treatment with smooth transitions between ward and specialist area, and which is based on the individual patient. 

  • That according to the vision proposal, the activities at the existing Steno Diabetes Center in Gentofte, established in its current form in 1991 by the company Novo Nordisk A/S, will be incorporated in the new centre under the Capital Region of Denmark. Ownership and management of the new Steno Diabetes Center Copenhagen will be transferred to the Capital Region of Denmark. 

  • That in the autumn 2015, a final vision and model will be composed in collaboration with relevant interested parties. This work is expected to be finished in the second quarter of 2016. The plans will be based on the fundamental principles of the regions’s new Hospital and Psychiatry Plan 2020. ​


Treatment of diabetes in the Capital Region of Denmark 

Diabetes patients in the Capital Region of Denmark are treated by their general practitioner and at all hospitals including Steno Diabetes Center. The hospitals with emergency facilities in the region as well as Steno Diabetes Center manage specialised treatment for diabetes, for example diabetes in pregnancy and patients with insulin resistance. 
Disease control in the individual diabetes patient is vital to reduce the risk of complications, and educating the patient is therefore an important part of the treatment. 

The Novo Nordisk Foundation 

The Novo Nordisk Foundation is an independent Danish foundation with corporate interests whose purpose is to support scientific, humanitarian and social projects. 


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